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Coma, the queen of Castell de la Solana, passed away June 15th 2020.  Coma was a small mixed breed street dog, which came to the property in 2005, when the house was being constructed. She was fed by the constructors and the then owner and so she never left the property. 

She was named Coma, because the area is called Coma. Coma was a brave dog and protected the property with her typical soft bark and constant state of alert. Most guests almost directly fell in love with her because of her special look and typical way of walking which was the result of a hernia and subsequent operation. 

In 2018, Hotel Castell the la Solana was sold to new owners and Coma remained. Her heart failure became too much for her the last couple of months. As she walked in, her age is unknown, but she wasn’t a pup in 2005, so she might have reached the age of 17. Coma has been given a nice place to rest in peace.


January 2021, Zara joined the family and team. Zara is a braco aleman, a type of German pointer often seen in Spain. She was adopted after having been rescued from the streets of Murcia.

Zara has a very curious, soft and gentle character, and it is not quite sure she realises she´s a dog, or simply has adopted behaviour from all kinds of animals. Other dogs don´t interest her that much, apart from her friend Max who lives close. When running towards someone to greet them, she runs like a cow; when speeding through the garden, she skips like a hare; when approaching a bird or other prey, she sneaks up to it like a feline animal; and when playing with a butterfly, she doesn´t seem to realise she is slightly bigger. But most of all she loves being around people, sunbathing, and food.

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